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Equine Bowen Therapies, Bowen Technique & Therapy for horses

Welcome to my web site, where you can learn all about Equine Bowen Therapy and what it can do for your horse – and you!

Does your horse suffer from:

Equine Bowen Therapy

Muscle atrophy?
Sore back?
Cold back?
Slipping rugs and or saddles?
Uneven stride length? 
Unexplained loss of performance?
Intermittent lameness?
Uneven wear of shoes?

Is he unwilling to strike off on the correct lead in canter?
Is your horse generally stiff because of old age or injury?

All these things and more may be helped by Equine Bowen Therapy.

By working very gently on the facsia, a thin membrane which lies just underneath the skin, Bowen helps to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism and can help to release muscle tension all over the body.

For more information about equine Bowen therapy and how it may help your horse click here to read the Equine Bowen Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you ever considered how you may be influencing your horses performance?

Pain and tension in riders can affect a horses performance. Are you moving freely? Have you fallen off recently? Do you suffer from back pain?

Bowen is equally effective for riders too!!

Click here to read more about Bowen for Riders.

Please note that The Bowen Technique and Equine Bowen Therapy are not intended as a substitute for medical or veterinary advice and treatments.  If in doubt please consult your doctor or veterinary surgeon.


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